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Presidential debate, blah blah. Most everything's been said, but there's something that really stuck in my craw.

Romney took another shot at PBS, and it became considered a witty zing. It *should* have been seen as a huge unforced error. A national treasure for decades that provides priceless return on the minuscule amount of vital federal funding it receives should be gutted for... what, exactly?

Mitt, unless you're a complete dipshit I'm pretty sure even you could find something in your proposed budget that could leave some room for PBS, which you supposedly "like". I wouldn't be surprised if you or one of your buddies could single-handedly cover PBS out of your pocket.

But I guess PBS is the enemy. It's that whole 'public' part, isn't it?

If a thorough gutting is what you do to those you like, I don't want to see what you do to those you hate.

Jul. 29th, 2012

Intermittent update: New job is going pretty well! Tolerable work, decent pay, reasonable hours, benefits, and it does good for the community. The hours leave me enough time and energy to do other things. Maybe actual art'n'shit. Or something.

In other news, my parents are apparently going to Barbados to visit relatives for the next ten days or so.

.... I have relatives in Barbados?

New jeorb!

Finally back in the saddle! Got what seems like a pretty good new job working with the area clinics! I start next week!

Random Sharing - Scale of the Universe


This is a very nicely done flash thinger that represents the scale of a great many things, from quantum foam to the visible universe, relative to each other. Like, you can actually see that the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world, rested on its side is longer than the Vatican City. It's set to very soothing music. Click on any of the objects for a few facts about it, its size. Scale back and forth by dragging the scroll bar at the bottom, or using the arrow keys.

More than just finding it interesting to get a better idea of distances, I found it strangely moving to just very slowly scroll along and see each unit shrink or grow out of sight. Some people say that things like this make them feel insignificant. I don't have that feeling though. It's in our nature to want to be cared about, and nobody should get rid of that. However, when you can let go of it for a few minutes, be content for a moment to just exist, and simply contemplate the universe with the aid of something like this, there's a sense of awe. It's beautiful.
Hay it's artwork! I colored something, finally! It's getting less scary, bit by bit. Practice, practice, practice.
My Christmas present to okojosan.
Nadizel and her pet sprite darterCollapse )

Get an icon!

merrycalliope is drawing free icons by request to kickstart her drawing mojo! She's got a way cute style, so pop in and see if requests are still open. She gets the drive to draw, and you get your very own personalized li'l work of art. Win-win! Help a sista out!
Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet is out, apparently on XBLA! Here's the final trailer for it. Reviews have been mostly positive, with the greatest strength being the art, and the weakest part being linearity and simplicity. They say it plays a bit like Metroid/Castlevania meets Choplifter. If you like the work of Michel Gagne, this is a place to see a lot of it.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled silence.
I didn't save before I turned off the DSi fffffffffffff

Be trollin'

Hay it's a troll. Warcraft art.

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